We know that Battle Royale is one of the finest game categories ever. The recent instant success in many games is mostly from Battle Royale, Fortnite, H1Z1, PUBG, and ARMA. However, if you didn’t know there is also a category known as Auto Chess or Autobattlers. This is also popular.

Ubisoft is now developing a 100 player autobattler game. Additionally, this game will be an autobattler and battle royale mix. Hence, it is being called Autobattler Royale. The official release date for this game, Might, and Magic: Chess Royale is January 30.

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The game has many characters, with different powers and specific abilities, making it very tactical. Furthermore, 100 players will battle against each other, and there will be only one winner, just like a Battle Royale mode. Thirdly, players can create numerous pre-planned strategies to win the game, if they win, they can access to new Might and Magic Heroes. These characters or champions will also have the potential to be upgraded, creating a difference between each set of heroes.

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The Ubisoft website does not say much about this 100 player battle royale, however, pre-release gameplay footage on YouTube shows that there are 1v1 fights, like the best wins. In my opinion, it is much more of Street Fighter or Tekken with the ability to match 100 players in a contenders match. Ubisoft says that Chess Royale is “designed to offer a quicker session experience” than other autobattlers, with match lengths of about ten minutes: “Lose quick, win quick.

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