Nintendo Switch after huge success is finally coming to China. This will be a Chinese version of the Nintendo Switch, which is being featured by Chinese Mega Giant Company Tencent and Nintendo. Additionally, it’ll have a price point of 2,099 Yuan ($297), including a free copy of New Super Mario Bros Deluxe.

This is the only game, approved for sale. However, China Gaming analyst Daniel Ahmed says that other Mario games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey are also confirmed. Furthermore, the company says that only Original Nintendo is being released. The Nintendo Switch Lite is not out yet.

In my opinion, a very good step for Nintendo to further expand its amazing console. Apart from this, we can clearly see the initiative taken by Chinese Authorities. Firstly, they allowed Microsoft to Sell Xbox One, PS4 release in China, and now Switch. There is a huge population of Gamers in China, the country’s population is 1.3 billion. Nintendo’s last sales report was released in 2017, where it reported that around 41.67 million copies are sold.

The pre-orders for Nintendo Switch have already begun, thus good luck!

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