Apex Legends is proving to be the most popular battle royale game to release as of yet. The fast-paced action and sleek movement with character abilities and the added fact that the game is free to play has helped it gain immense popularity among other battle royale games. Many streamers have already made the switch from Fortnite and PUBG to Apex Legends either because of them being sick of stream snipers (Fortnite) or never-ending game bugs (PUBG). With this popularity and the increasing player count for the game comes the parasite that most online multiplayer games encounter, the existence of hacker and cheaters that use external software for an unfair advantage in-game.

Since the game’s launch on 5th February, Respawn has banned around 16,000 users that have been convicted of cheating in an announcement made on Reddit. Of the 16,000 users that have been banned it has not been made clear as to how many of the users belong to the PC platform. Respawn has urged its players to flag potential cheaters and report them so they can be investigated or if there is a chance get video evidence of the suspicious player and send it to them so that appropriate action may be taken to halt the progress of the hackers in-game.

Respawn is taking the problem of cheaters very seriously from the beginning and it is a really good sign that the developers have acknowledged that just like bugs and glitches, cheaters are also a real problem that destroy the user experience and should be dealt with as promptly as possible.

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