In March we reported that Nvidia was planning a huge announcement. Unfortunately, It was put to rest due to COVID-19. Now it seems that Nvidia is all set, and they have teased a countdown, that says #UltimateCountdown and mentions 21 Days. 21 Years.

Literally everyone thinks it is the Nvidia Ampere announcement featuring new tech stuff. However, I think that there is a new technology that Nvidia has been planning to release. This technology might be something new, or maybe something that is for the upcoming 21 years. Or hey, maybe it took Nvidia 21 years to develop it? who knows.

The 21 days will take us to the end of August when the countdown will finish and we’ll see what they are up to. People who have been following Nvidia from their early years would know that Nvidia released their first GPU nearly 21 years ago. The Graphics Card GeForce 265 was an important piece of tech and revolutionalized graphics cards.

Perhaps, we can see the new Ampere continuing from there, and something as revolutionary as the GeForce 265?

Anyway, if you would like to make a guess. Head over to the Nvidia GeForce Twitter, and you’ll find dozens of awkward nostalgic videos that might indicate something. The videos are really random, and they have something to do with the universe. Other than that, there are blasts and weird comets everywhere. Take a look at it, looks interesting.

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