Get on the hype train lads! The highly anticipated new hero for the groundbreaking game Overwatch is finally in the house!


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Blizzard has been teasing the fanbase pointing towards a new hero. Overwatch developers finally revealed the hero named “Wrecking Ball” an adorable Hamster called Hammond inside a mech ball which shifts to spider-like form. Jeff Kaplan won’t just stop, does he? It is a super genius Hamster hiding inside an iron wrecking ball. This character gives off ferocious yet somewhat cute vibes inspired by the innovative idea of bringing forth another crazy hero into the mix. Blizzard seems to be constantly seeking the heights of quirkiness with unique designs and reciprocation from the¬†enthusiastic and lively fanbase contributing to some heroes in the game.


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Now, lets shed some light on our little fella. Hammond (the hamster) pokes his head out of the Mech and pilots it. The first look at the hero easily gave off its role, a tank hero with 500 health 100 armor packed with interesting and crazy abilities like Quad Cannons, Ultimate Minefield, Grappling Claw, Rolling, Piledriver and Adaptive shield. The badass list of names alone gives one the shivers but when you actually play this hero you’ll be taken aback with the insane play style. It can roll around the map like a ball and shift to attack mode whenever it wants. This rolling ability bestows the hero with the unusual ball like mobility making it harder to catch and a versatile attribute for a tank hero. The complex attributes make this hero rather difficult to use compared to other heroes in the game but I am certain once you get a hold of this bad boy you’ll be an invincible iron wrecking ball rampaging through the Arena.

This hero definitely is far from ostensible and will bring yet another Overwatch storm among the gamers.