Mafia 3 Dev Opens New UK Office With Split/Second Director

According to some reports, Hangar 13 is setting up a new studio office in Brighton, Uk to be followed by Split/Second director Nick Baynes. Baynes previously worked at Black Rock Studio with Andy Wilson and is making something of a reunion for the studio, who is now VP of development at Hangar 13.

The newly formed team will be working alongside the existing offices in the Czech Republic and Californa to cooperate on projects. For now, the current project is an unannounced AAA title for 2K. Although the announcement promises that the studio will be scaling up its various locations to up with the pace of development.

Looking at the previous AAA title of 2K, The Mafia 3, received a mixed reception on various game review sites, Mafia 3 was similarly lukewarm, hailing its excellent characterization and memorable story missions, but finding the core gameplay feels dated and plagued with technical issues.

Mafia 3 was a big-budget freshman attempt, though, and managed to set records for 2K at the time. 2k was hit with layoffs earlier this year regardless, but given that it’s currently on a project and announcing plans to ramp up during production, that may have simply been the uprising of one project and moving onto the next.