ASUS and NVIDIA have partnered up to present the world’s first 360Hz refresh rate gaming monitor. NVIDIA claims to have installed their “Advanced G-Sync Processor” that is the secret behind the 360Hz panel in the new ASUS ROG Swift. It was only a month ago that ASUS unveiled its 300Hz Zephyrus laptop, so it was not long until the 300Hz game was soon to hit the gaming monitor market as well.

ASUS is taking a massive leap towards making esports and competitive gaming even further and soon enough we will be seeing these beasts in esports tournaments and events. Competitors like BENQ Zowie, that find pride in their work dedicated to esports will probably be scrambling to one-up their opponents. As of now, it can be said that ASUS is winning over the competitive gaming monitor market with the world’s first-ever 360Hz refresh rate monitor.

The new monitor is set to be unveiled by NVIDIA at CES 2020 this week, however, availability and pricing are yet to be revealed.

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