37 CSGO coaches banned after ESIC investigation of coaching bug

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has issued a penalty against 37 coaches who were involved in the use of the CS:GO spectator bug which was exposed by an investigation done by Michal Slowinski. Before the investigation, the ESL banned three coaches and after the proper investigation of the matter, it was discovered that they were using a spectator bug which was a huge finding. This bug allowed the player to have a full birds-eye view from particular points of the map which was a huge unfair advantage. EISC started an investigation on September 4, and after the developments, they suggested to cease 37 coaches participating from the official tournament. The length of prohibition at the lower end is 3.75 months and 36 months at the maximum. The report published by ESIC says that the punishment given to the accused ones fully justifies and according to the standards of their guilt.

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After the investigation the initial ban on MechanoGun’s has been extended to 36 months and the ban on Dead is extended from 6 to 6.5 months. Hunden has been given relief and his ban is reduced from 12 to 8 months. Some high profile team coaches have also been under the effect of this decision and banned accordingly.

Here is the full list of banned CSGO coaches

  • Twista (iGame.com): 15.75 months
  • casle (maquinas): 10 months
  • dinamito (Furious Gamer): 10 months
  • ArnoZ1K4 (Evidence): 10 months
  • Rejin (Tricked): 19.8 months
  • glouDH (Freestyle): 10 months
  • prd (Neverest): 10 months
  • nook (QB Fire): 7.5 months
  • rikz (DETONA): 10 months
  • Apoka (LG/INTZ/BOOM): 5.4 months
  • MechanoGun (Hard Legion): 36 months
  • hellpopovich (9z): 10 months
  • fuRy (DreamEaters): 7.5 months
  • Solaar (Syman/k23): 10 months
  • HUNDEN (Heroic): 8 months
  • dead (SK/MiBR): 6.5 months
  • guerri (Furia): 4 months
  • pita (NiP): 10 months
  • AKIMOV (Hard Legion): 7.5 months
  • F_1N (Gambit Youngsters): 8.75 months
  • ellllll (Imperial/paiN): 10 months
  • peu (W7M): 5 months
  • RobbaN (FaZe Clan): 5.5 months
  • Loord (Kinguin/Aristocracy): 6 months
  • ToH1o (Ex-Outlaws/Windigo): 10 months
  • Andi (NAVI): 10 months
  • pepik (eSuba): 10 months
  • B1GGY (Heretics): 7.5 months
  • chrille (Epsilon/Red Reserve): 10 months
  • starix (NAVI): 10 months
  • ave (North): 10 months
  • rosey (Nordavind): 10 months
  • LMBT_R (Hellraisers/forZe): 7.5 months
  • FeTiSh (Heroic): 3.75 months
  • miNIr0x (AGO) 3.75 months
  • pNshr (SKADE): 3.75 months
  • ruggah (Dignitas): 3.75 months


All of them are eligible to appeal by emailing the Chairman of the Independent Disciplinary Panel, Kevin Carpenter. The final report of this ongoing investigation will be made public in October 2020. EISC published their report with a message to the CS:GO community that they understand that this may be tough for this community but they believe in the long-term interests of the game. They said that they know from coaches to fans, and from sponsors to broadcasters that everyone wants CS:GO and esports to be clean and fair.