This 88 year old granny Audrey is all over the Nintendo headlines. Grandmother Audrey is a gaming icon, she has 4,000 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The YouTube spotlight video, which is uploaded every year, also covered her.


Crowdfunded Special Nintendo
This gained her a lot of attention, and fellow gamers decided to raise $500, so they could purchase granny a Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition. This granny gamer played Animal Crossing: New Leaf every day for four years.

A video posted by a fan who interviewed and gave her the special Nintendo. Audrey unboxed it and shared her thoughts. In the video, she says that graphics have improved, saying “it looks more like people then others one did.”

She also said that she will only play New Leaf on her 3DS. Saying, “I cannot give up on my villagers”. Along with the special Nintendo, she was also given a special amibo card, that featured her special character Filbert. The card would allow her to get Filbert in the new game. Audrey acknowledged the card, saying “Filbert is my favorite villager”.

Audrey gets an in-game character
Lastly, New Horizon’s March release had several new features that included a wolf called Audie. The wolf is named after this granny, Audrey, in a slightly different name. Audrey was fascinated with the idea, but she wondered why they made her a wolf.

Audrey’s game designer Paul Hubans said “I told her it might be a reference to Goldilocks where the grandmother is actually a wolf, but I get the feeling it’s more of a localisation choice by Nintendo of America employees that wanted to give a nod to gran,”

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