Sadly, CSGO pro teams not getting paid on time from event organizers in esports has been a recurring issue, but it’s usually from the teams with not much solid financial backing. Although payment pay-out procedures can take a while and most organizers pay out their event on time but some don’t. The same kind of scenario happened with Vega Squadron, a well-known Esports team of CSGO, due to their impressive performance in ELEAGUE Major 2018.
A Chinese CSGO event organization owes nearly $76,000 to Vega Squadron. This piece of information got out when Vega Squadron’s CSGO manager took it to Reddit, claiming of non-payment from China Top’s Shenzhen event held last November, referring to a communication breakdown between the team and the organizers.
Vega Squadron was told that they will receive the payment within two months at the ending of the tournament. The event wrapped up on November 22 of last year, and nearly six months ago from the date when Vega Squadron’s manager posted on Reddit. The teams seem to have been paid for the first leg of the event, the prize for Kunshan is nowhere to be seen.
“Hello there! 

My name is Alex, I’m currently managing Vega Squadron’s CS:GO Team.

So I’ve decided to make a statement regarding China Top as we’ve been waiting for a while for now.

Last year we had a chance to visit both tournaments that China Top organized (Kunshan & Shenzhen). We were told that we should expect prizepool to be paid out 2 months after tournament finish. It happened after the first tournament in Kunshan, we got the whole prizepool paid within roughly 2 months. We went to the second tournament in Shenzhen, which has ended on November 23rd. We provided all the info that organizers needed to make the payment in time. Today is the 16th of April and we still haven’t got anything paid. I asked other teams that participated in the tournament: AGO confirmed that they haven’t got anything yet and I didn’t get any response from both – TyLoo and Flash Gaming. I heard different reasons why the payment is delayed (Chinese New Year, bank wasn’t working for some other reason, orgs have failed the invoice).

To be honest, I’m not even sure if head management of ChinaTop knows what’s going on. During all the time we were communicating with them through their staff guy. Maybe it’s not even their fault, but as we tried to contact them, we never got any reply from them.

During the last two weeks, we’ve been getting messages from the organizers that “the bank told them that the finish the process and both AGO and Vega may receive money before this Friday (13.04)”. We asked them for the confirmation documents but got nothing. I informed organizers that we’re going public with that and as soon as we’ll start getting prizemoney I’ll update this statement.”

This is a big disappointment for the Esports pro players and it also exerts a bad influence amongst other uprising Esports players. Organizations should not create payment issues in any case, and legal actions should be taken to take down these type of dodgy organizations. We’ll be updating this article if Vega Squadron gets their prize money.