When it comes to competitive or professional gaming, there’s no doubt that your gaming setup has to be the best to keep up with the in-game competition.

A few technical enhancements implemented to your gaming setup can make a decent impact on your gameplay. If you’re into serious competitive gaming or if you’re planning to go professional in competitive games like CSGO, DOTA 2 and etc, Keep reading.

What is a mouse bungee?

mouse bungee
image credit: YT/PacoMNL

A mouse bungee is a physical component usually gamers use to enhance the movement of their mouse, A mouse bungee is usually made of plastic and metal, in which the mouse wire is clamped. It prevents dragging of the wire, while providing full freedom of movement for the gamers or competitive players. They are mostly used by gamers, especially in the field of e-Sports.

People say a mouse bungee is just another gimmick, It’s not.

Many people say that a mouse bungee is just another gimmick and it’s not worth it, according to some people there are a lot of domestic methods that can fix the mouse wire dragging issues such as cable holders and much more. At first, my thoughts were the same. I thought that a mouse bungee is just another useless gimmicky invention, but after seeing a lot of Professional players of CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) using bungees in their tournament matches, I thought why not give it a try since professional players are using it, it might not be that bad.

My experience with a mouse bungee

I started my search for a mouse bungee with a quick google search, I thought it’ll be a cheaper product. Obviously, the product has just one function, so why would it be expensive? 

But wow, Razer is offering a 30$+ bungee and other brands like BenQ as well have an absurd amount of price tags on this generic product. I think this was the main cause which didn’t let the mouse bungee get popular as people tend to buy things from known brands and when the brands overprice such generic basic products no one really gives attention to it.

Anyways, I didn’t give up. I bought a cheap 6$ mouse bungee from AliExpress called “GTFS Hot Mouse Bungee Cord Clipper” and voila! The product had a reasonable build quality and functionality wise it was a 10/10 so you don’t need to buy that overpriced 35$ product in order to get the functionality out of it since a 6$ bungee is also providing it in the same way.

As soon as I started using it, I could see my aim and 180-degree aim rotation getting better drastically. I was surprised and amazed by the fact that a simple and such a generic product can make a big impact on your aim. It almost felt like I was missing the key point of mouse movement. Upon further testing, my mouse’s movement got better and better while playing through a number of competitive matches in CSGO, and PUBG as well.


After buying this my thoughts were changed totally, I always thought that a simple product like it won’t have much impact on the movement of a mouse. The point I am trying to put here is that don’t waste money on expensive 35$+ bungees, don’t assume, just go buy a cheap mouse bungee and see the difference of your mouse movement by yourself, because hey? 6$ isn’t bad at all for the improvement of your mouse movement anyway.

You can also get a cheap one from Amazon as well at 7.88$:  MECO(TM) Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Management Fixer Holder (Black)