Everyone has heard of the famous “but can it run Crysis”. Well I think we are about to witness those words in the coming months. According to a report by PCGamesN, a new Crysis announcement is about to be heard.

Crysis Twitter Account posts after four years
Yesterday, the Crysis twitter account which is inactive from the past four years tweeted “receiving data”. Afterward, it got replies from Xbox and Nvidia, that showed a little glimpse of something is about to happen.

We are also well past April Fools, so this cannot be a joke. The Crysis account still advertises its last Crysis 3 game, saying “available now for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3”. This account is certainly older, as we are now looking forward to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Crysis Remaster or Sequel Teased, Announcement Might Come Soon

A few weeks ago, the Crysis website also had an update after which it featured Nomad (protagonist of the original Crysis). Furthermore, the report also says that the source of the site included the tag “April Fool”. Well, I think they wrote that on purpose, because like I said we are well past Aprils fools now.

Crysis Remastered (XBLA/PSN) First Footage Looks Great

The last evidence supporting that another Crysis announcement is on the way could be the latest showcase of Crysis in game of the decade. In a video posted on the YouTube in March showed a few footages of Crysis 1. However, Crysis 1 is not from this decade, hence why was it concluded in the game of the decade video. Afterward, the clip did not match the Crysis 1, so it was something different.

New Crysis Remaster is likely
In my opinion, it is very likely we are getting a Crysis 1 remaster because first, the video included original Crysis. Furthermore, many recent remastered and remake games have proven their success.

These include the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy games, that are having tremendous exposure after getting their old games back. A new Crysis game could also be possible. However, I think they would not make certain intentional leaks for a new game. It would have been an announcement out of nowhere, that could have surprised people.

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