We saw Riot Games expanding Beyond League of Legends with their new releases. Riot just dropped another game, it is called “Project A’. The game is described as “a Stylish Competitive, Character-Based Tactical Shooter for PC”. The game will have no relation with League of Legends since it will have a completely different genre.

“The game is set on a beautiful near-future Earth and has a lethal cast of characters, each with unique abilities that create tactical opportunities for their gunplay to shine,” Riot explains.

The game looks a mix of Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch. It has a very fast-paced gameplay, but the gameplay looks realistic. As I said, it will be a different game than League of Legends, and it looks like a Competitive 5v5 War game. We will see if anything else is leaked regarding Project A.

Riot has focused on releasing the game until 2020. The Beta might is in development, furthermore it’s expected to release later this year.