In the season of foldable phone revelation, Oppo is not lagging behind just like all competent brands at the moment. And it is likely for Oppo to be the next company to launch its foldable phone in the market after Huawei and Samsung. On Monday, the Vice president, Brian Shen disclosed the phone’s development by displaying Oppo’s foldable phone’s prototype though he didn’t give away any further details regarding either the availability or specifications. The prototype which was unveiled on Sunday in Barcelona at a pre-MWC conference looks similar to the Huawei Mate X whereas the essence of the phone which is its foldability and the form factor is identical to the Samsung Galaxy Fold which was unveiled last week at the Galaxy unpacked event by the South Korean company.

Features and design of the Oppo foldable phone

The foldable phone’s prototype by Oppo, according to the images posted on Weibo by Shen, features a flexible display which is outward wrapped, providing a single screen experience on unfolding whereas two screens upon folding. The design seems quite alike to 8-inch display of Huawei Mate X on unfolding.

The prototype of the foldable phone has a thick bar on one side which has an inclusion of a camera module along with the flexible display. There is a possibility that similar to the Mate X, using the same camera module the users will be able to take landscape shots as well as will be able to capture selfies. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold (which sports a notch for camera module), the Oppo phone doesn’t have any cutout or notch on unfolding. The prototype of the foldable phone by Oppo appears to boast a dual-LED flash on its camera module and it even has an Oppo branding on the thick bar. 

Backed by Android, the prototype of the Oppo phone runs on the ColorOS version. Pointing to the new model’s prototyping stage, the Weibo users have been asked by Shen whether the kicking off of the mass production of the foldable phone is wanted by them.

Though currently, it is quite early to assess the price of Oppo’s foldable phone but by analyzing the prices of pre-existing foldable phones by Huawei and Samsung i.e. EUR 2299 and $1980 respectively, we can say that the new Oppo phone will cost higher significantly as compared to its other flagship smartphones.

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