Established in 1987 A4Tech headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. A4Tech is now recognized as one of the global leaders in the computer peripheral field. Having an excellent R&D team, independent core techniques, A4Tech continues to research and develop cutting-edge products for the market as they continue to turn yesterday’s fiction into today’s reality.
In the past few years, A4Tech innovated some impossibilities such as V-Track and Holeless engine wireless mice in the computer peripheral field, which prevents all mice issues such as a sluggish cursor, short-battery, lifespan and pinpoint accuracy.Bloody-A70

That being said, today we’ll be talking about the A4Tech Bloody A70 Activated Ultra Core 4 mouse. As mice are one of the most crucial parts of PC gaming, it’s great to see more companies taking interest in gaming peripherals.

We previously reviewed Patriot Viper V570, ROG Pugio Gaming mouse, Gladius II, and Impact from Asus out of these mice the Gladius II stood on top due to its amazing shape and great customizability, winning the recommended award from our reviewers in the past. Now, let’s see if A4Tech Bloody A70 can score any of our awards.

I got a chance to review the A4Tech Bloody A70, an elegant looking mouse due to its neon multi-color backlit which you can adjust through software to best suit you and it has a good build quality which is quite impressive to me. The mouse has 8 buttons for in total. The neon multi-color backlit looks really elegant, which is the best thing about this mouse.
This mouse comes with a price-tag of $29.99 on Amazon at the time of review, which isn’t a lot for such a mouse.


Acceleration20 g-23 g
Frame Speed6,666 fps
Max. Resolution4,000 CPI
Key ResponseLess than 0.2 ms
Infrared-WheeOver 1 Million Scrolls
Tracking Speed60-160 inches/sec(ips)
Infrared-Micro SwitchOver 20 million clicks
Report Rate125-1000 Hz/sec (4-level adjustable)
Cable Length1.8 M
DimensionsL124mm, W73.5, and H41mm
System RequirementsWindows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 or later


Unboxing And Closer Look:

The A4Tech Bloody A70 comes in a well-designed box which makes a good impression when someone looks at the box for the first time. On the top-right corner, there’s Activated Ultra Core 4 written along with world’s fastest key response just above it. The front of the box has a branding of Bloody series by A4Tech at the center of the front side of the box. The model name of the mouse is written on the bottom-left corner on the front of the box.

The back side of the box has some key features of the mouse along with the picture of the Bloody A70 itself. It is mentioned that the Bloody A70 uses Light Strike technology and infrared Micro-Switch to react at lightning fast speeds having 0.2ms key response, uses an infrared wheel with high refresh rates, the Metal X’ armor boot and the neon glare system on the back side of the box.

The key features are also mentioned on both sides of the box. The mouse is sitting perfectly in the box along with a coupon and two stickers that have the logo of the Bloody series. The cable of the mouse is in red and black color which could go really well with a red and black themed gaming setup.

Bloody-A70Taking a closer look at the Bloody A70, it seems like the grip style of this mouse is semi-ambidextrous. The mouse can be a great one for the claw grippers and also the shape is quite reasonable for the palm grippers as well due to curve on the right side of the grips. If you are a sharp claw-style gripper then this is the right mouse for you. The size of Bloody A70 is medium, not so small and not so big, making it a universal grip-styled mouse for almost any kind of user.

The side grips are made out of plastic and are fairly reasonable, looking at the price tag of this mouse, obviously, we aren’t expecting any rubberized grips here. Although The sides feel nice and grippy. The mouse comes with a braided USB wire and a red colored USB connector, with the black and red color theme along with a nice velcro strap for the cable management needs of users.


Bloody series by A4Tech did a great job in terms of software. The software for Bloody A70 lets you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, lets you remap the buttons on your mouse, the headshot tab lets you tune your mouse for different in-game guns which gives you an edge over other players in games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, etc.

The Ultra guns tab lets you map the three buttons that are just under the wheel of the mouse, their purpose is to give you a choice to choose from three different shooting types like a single shot that you can set.

Finally, the Ultra Core tab lets you choose what version of Ultra Core you are going to use, this mouse can use Ultra Core 3 or Ultra Core 4 that only helps in FPS(First Person Shooter) games. What Ultra Core does is modify the trajectory of the bullets that you shoot in-game, which is the reason why these mice are banned for use in any E-Sports tournaments.

Let’s get to the fun part. The design of the Bloody A70 is quite simple yet innovative and elegant. It doesn’t just look good it actually feels good using it as it has a good grip on it. I used this mouse for some time and I had no issues using the mouse. The grip is semi-ambidextrous which is great because the mouse has a universal grip that can be used by both right and left-handed gamers.

The primary clicks exert a nice solid feel upon clicking them constantly. However, the clicks could be better if A4tech started using more of the popular switches like ‘Omron’ or “Huano” switches which have gained customers respect over the years. But still, the clicks on Bloody A70 are reasonable for a budget mouse. The mouse 4 and 5 buttons are good enough but the extra buttons that are available for the Ultra Core features could be better, during my testing these buttons felt cheap and not so solid.

The sensor on the Bloody A70 is also not that bad, I tested the Bloody A70 in Battlefield, PUBG, and CSGO. During my testing, I had zero issues with the mouse’s movement. The movement was smooth on any DPI/CPI setting and in-game sensitivity.

The mouse also comes with the Metal mouse feet, they feel good and during the testing, I had zero issues with the gliding of the mouse, the mouse is very comfortable as well. The black matte finish adds a bit of a premium feel when holding the mouse.

The lighting on the mouse isn’t RGB because it can’t be controlled by the software and it has a dynamic RGB pattern and it cycles randomly. In my opinion, the overall aesthetics of the mouse could be better in terms of the finesse and looks, but in terms of performance the mouse did a great job and looking at the price tag we can’t really complain or start nitpicking on this one.


The A4tech Bloody A70 is available at $29.99 on Amazon as of now. In Pakistan, it is available at a cheaper price at 2,190PKR ($18.92) on Daraz.Pk.

Overall, Bloody A70 is a great mouse considering the price tag, the comfort, sensor, lighting, Ultra Core Features are on par with even some of the more expensive mice out there. The build quality is reasonable and the mouse almost checks all of the features of a basic gaming mouse. The wheel and buttons feel good as well as its grip. The neon multi-color backlit is also a good add-on feature and will attract you to every single time your eyes catch the sight of the mouse.

We’re going to award the A4Tech Bloody A70 Activated Ultra Core 4 with our Bang for the buck Badge because the A70 did a great job in terms of performance and functions. The build quality also felt good, in comparison with the price tag of just 30$ (USA) and 18$ (Pakistan), this mouse pretty much beats every mouse in this price range making it the perfect bang for the buck.