One of the newest released of the Aerocool is the Aerocool Bolt RGB, it is an RGB mid-tower chassis that covers a wide variety of motherboards and also packed with many cool features aside from the RGB lightings. Aerocool has been in the PC case market for more than two decades now. This time around, they are introducing the Bolt. Aerocool Bolt comes in tempered glass and acrylic side panel variants and packs 13 RGB lighting modes. I have received one with tempered glass side panel. Will the Aerocool Bolt be worth your hard-earned cash? Let’s find out.

What’s in the box

The Aerocool Bolt is shipped in a card board box with adequate packing to prevent any shipping damages.

The contents of the box include:

  • Aerocool Bolt RGB Case
  • Screws
  • Grilles
  • Cable Ties
  • Installation Guide

The contents are all you need for your build and hopefully all you need is a screwdriver to install all the components in the case.


One of the main features a case should have, is none else but aesthetics. The Aerocool Bolt RGB has a unique design other than the usual system unit chassis being released nowadays.

One design that may catch your attention is the carbon fiber style in the front panel that gives off the futuristic gamer style. This design approach is unique and is really attractive for the people who are really into PC aesthetics.
The mid tower case is eye catching as well as spacious enough to accommodate much of the PC hardware without any hassle or blocking the airflow.

The side panel is made of tempered glass, which has a benefit of making the panel scratch resistant as compared to the tempered glass panel. However, this results in more weight.
Thought Bolt comes with acrylic as well which is prone to scratches but has more durability compared to tempered glass. I still prefer the one I have in hands right now.

On the back, we see pretty much the standard design. A fan vent on top, then grilles for expansion slot, a cutout for motherboards and a PSU slot at the bottom.

The bottom of the case is plain, with a fan vent present. There is a dust filter on top and the bottom. The absence of the dust filter in the front is huge flaw in our opinion. Too much dust enter from the front and while reviewing, we had so much dust accumulated already in the case.

The right side of the case is plain with an expansion, allowing much of the cable management to accommodate there but unfortunately we had trouble fitting all the cables in the back.


Case TypeMid Tower
Steel Thickness0.5mm
Case Dimensions (Overall)194 x 444 x 410mm (W x H x D)
5.25” Drive Bays0
3.5” Drive Bay2
2.5” Drive Bay2
Expansion Slots7
GPU ClearanceSupports GPU up to 355mm (without front fan)
CPU Cooler ClearanceSupports CPU coolers up to 155mm
I/O PortsUSB 3.0 x 1 | USB 2.0 x 2 | HD Audio & Mic. | LED Control Button | Power Button
Air Cooling SystemFront: 120mm x 3 (Optional)
Top: 120mm x 2 (Optional)
Rear: 120mm x 1 (Included)
Supports VGA Fan: 120mm x 2 (Optional)
Liquid CoolingFront: 240mm Radiator (Optional)
Net Weight/Gross Weight3.38kg/4.10kg
Internal Cable Management Depth24mm
Power SupplyATX PSU (Optional)

The case comes with a pre-installed rear exhaust fan of 120mm dimensions. No other fans included, which is a deal breaker in our opinion.

Compatibility & Clearance

The case is capable of accommodating much PC hardware with ease. Airflow is not a problem here, but the cable management is. This Aerocool Bolt case was fun to put together in a test system but fitting all the cables in the back was a painstaking task.

A full sized PSU was easily fit inside the case. We had trouble with cable management, so we’d suggest you use a fully modular PSU to ease your life a little more 😉

Since the front fans are optional, and did not come with the case, we mounted the Noctua Nf A12x25 fans in the front to improve the airflow. Personally, absence of the fans in front and top is a deal breaker for me, and I would personally ditch a case just for this very reason.

The Aerocool stock Fan was pre-installed in the rear, and we did not change it.

The CPU cooler installed is Noctua D15. It is a pretty big cooler but this case handled it pretty well and it was well accommodated inside Aerocool Bolt case.

The airflow is not a problem with this case, it can fit an AIO on top or front as well.

A 240mm radiator can be mounted on the top of the case with ease or a 360mm radiator can be mounted on the front of the case.

I/O Ports

On the top side panel of the Aerocool Bolt RGB, you can see a USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, an HD Audio & Mic. socket, LED Control Button and the Power Button.

There is an HDD and a power LED on the front I/O as well. Other than that, we can not see any other I/O port.


You can access the 13 preset lighting modes just by pressing the LED Control Button which is convenient and you can just see the Control Button on the top side panel of the chassis. Although it doesn’t support RGB sync technologies from other brands, it does come with 13 preset lighting modes. The modes can be changed via large button at the top of the case. The RGB strips for the lighting are powered by a SATA connection instead of an aging MOLEX connector.

Final Words

So far, I have found this case to be a good fit. The only potential limitation is its capacity of cable management and hard drives support. The overall aesthetic is very soothing for eyes and the tempered glass adds up to the premium quality of chassis. To my surprise, I was able to fit a Noctua D15 with 165mm height in Bolt, which seemed impossible in the beginning. This is still my main setup since I received it for review and it’s working flawlessly up till now. If you are looking for a mid ranged quality chassis, with or without tempered glass, this might be the right choice for you.

Priced at PKR 9200 only or about $50 at the time of review, you can never go wrong with Aerocool Bolt for your computer.

In would conclude by saying that if you are someone with not much hardware to fit inside a case, need a proper case with good ventilation and aesthetics at a price that is not heavy on your pocket, than this case is best for you.