A few weeks ago I explained Activision and Infinity Ward excellent sense of implementation in their COD games. Call Of Duty Warzone was been growing very rapidly, and it now has 50 million players. Despite, so much popularity in just a few weeks, the game has kept its standards. I can barely see a lot of people complaining about bugs & hacks.

Trio modes are back after huge criticism on its removal
Today, Activision has brought Trio mode back after a lot of criticism on its removal. In Call of Duty season 3 update, Activision added Quad mode, where 4 players could play together. However, they did not mention the replacing of trio mode with quad, which was later found out by players.

Call of Duty Warzone

In an announcement on the Call of Duty Warzone subreddit, the game company is being appreciated for its quick response. The post now has 6.5K upvotes and 1.2K comments, (95%) Upvotes, which represents the level of happiness. One of the COD Player shared his appreciation saying

“The quick response to re-add trios back into the game is incredibly impressive and I’m sure we all deserve to give you guys a proper thanks for listening to what the community wants. Whilst they did receive a lot of backlashes it’s good to see they reverted their decisions quickly. No more having to fill as a duo or trio, back like it was before.”

Despite having three-player (trio) mode and four player (quad) mode, players are still waiting for an announcement that will add duo mode. In my opinion, Duo is the most important, just like solo. Players often rely on their best friends, and duo’s can be very competitive. Mainly, because you are fully dependent on your teammate.

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