Well last year, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser left which really made people think whats going on at Rockstar. His reason to leave wasn’t given, and the company has never explained why Dan would leave. After his departure, the company also faced massive stock drops and it was no surprise because Dan was the man behind all GTA Games.

Anyhow, now we have reports that another Veteran of Grand Theft Auto Lazlow Jones has now also left Rockstar Games. Like Dan, he was with the company for the past 20 years, and worked as a writer and producer. Other than this, he is well known for his radio and commercial works in all GTA games.

“I worked for nearly 20 years at Rockstar Games as a Director, Producer and Writer for history-making franchises Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Bully, Max Payne, Midnight Club and more,” he wrote.

“I was co-chair of the Rockstar Games Production department and was responsible for in-game creative audio and video content, working directly for and writing with Rockstar co-founder and Head of Creative Dan Houser.”

“I built and led teams of writers, producers, illustrators, animators, motion graphics artists and video editors to help create some of the biggest and most influential media across entertainment including the over $6bn grossing Grand Theft Auto V.”

“My teams have produced videogame trailers, gameplay videos, commercials, live Twitch streams, location recording- including facial capture technology, motion capture shoots, and in-game radio and TV content, including original animated shows.”

After his departure, Lazlow mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that he will be working with Disney and Netflix, and mentions “consulting for a video game company”.

With so many notable people leaving Rockstar, we might be seeing some sort of impact in the next GTA game. People like Dan Houser and Lazlow Jones have been significant figures in the development of GTA Games. With them leaving there have to be consequences.

Right now, Rockstar is very focused on Red Dead Redemption 2. Other than this, they have also planned a special edition GTA V which will be exclusive for PlayStation 5. The company has now come a long way from their last GTA Game release, and rumor has it that the upcoming GTA Game development has started and will be set in Miami Vice City.

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