Epic Games Store continues to giveaway free games every week. Epic Games have been giving away free games for the past couple of months. However, now they have decided to giveaway two free games at a time. Alan Wake and For Honor are the two freebies for this week taking the place of Moonlighter and This War of Mine.

For Honor is the combat brawler which is developed by Ubisoft. It comes with an engaging story campaign and several multiplayer modes. The main goal is to master your sword and destroy anyone who comes in your way. However, Alan Wake is a horror survival game which is developed by Remedy. Moreover, Alan Wake focuses on the story of a man whose wife goes missing on vacation and discovers dark secrets about the town of bright lights after investigating.

The original price of Alan Wake on the Epic Games Store is $6.99, and on the other hand, the price of For Honour on Epic Games Store is $39.99. You can get these games for absolutely free. Moreover, click here, if you want to get these games for free. You can watch trailers of Alan Wake and For Honour to get an idea about these games.

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