Nokia 9 PureView has 5 cameras, and they don’t embrace an excessiveness of zoom and ultrawide. All those lenses have a similar length and aperture, as a result of HMD wished the Nokia 9 to corner the market on taking the most effective commonplace icon potential by combining pictures taken from all 5 cameras promptly – associate degree ur-HDR, thus to talk. Given its good however not spectacular specs and options, the Nokia 9 lives or dies on its ability to require the most effective photos out there. 

And the photos are, admittedly, immense – some vie with pictures taken by top-tier flagships that price much more, though others may want a lot of add post-production (the phone optionally saves within the RAW DNG format) to check favorably. However, the remainder of the phone is middling, and a few elements and even lacking compared to alternative handsets in its worth tier. 

Price and release date

The Nokia 9 PureView came into Feb 2019, and retails for $699 / £549 though we’re already seeing discounts on the phone from sure retailers. This makes it well cheaper than alternative camera phone powerhouses like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and, Huawei Mate twenty professional and iPhone XS max. 



At first look, the Nokia 9 PureView appearance a great deal like most smartphones – glass front and back sandwiching sides. Keep either side polished and it gleams with the best-looking phones. However, you may feel the distinction in quality between this phone and therefore the heavily-refined flagships of these days. This phone is all-in on empowering photography, not wanting trendy – however it will find yourself feeling a bit low-cost. The sides lack the rounded edges of alternative phones, and therefore there’s the barest of angular edge between the edges and the flat front screen (the rear cowl has slight curves, however is sort of as sheerly-angled). This all makes the phone tougher to grip, requiring users to squeeze the edges to choose it up, and it’s less comfy to handle as a result. 

The rear cowl is sleek glass that dips toward the sides in an exceedingly gesture toward classiness, though smudges and fingerprints stick around. This isn’t simply annoying: as a result of HMD opted to stretch the rear cowl over the camera lenses rather than creating a true ungainly camera bump, these smudges might in theory impede your photos. In alternative words, not like alternative phones that expose their camera lenses to the globe, the Nokia 9’s lenses area unit tucked beneath full rear cowl – best hope you don’t scratch or smudge over them.

The phone is otherwise spartan, with a volume rocker and lock/power button close to the highest of the proper facet. There’s a SIM card(s) slot on the highest and a USB-C port at the lowest. Sorry, no 3.5 mm phone jack.
One last note is that the phone comes in one model, as it’s limited release. The deep Blue is additionally the sole color, thus look elsewhere if you wish your phones to be black.



The front 5.99-inch OLED show is for sure, with a decent 2880 x 1440 QHD resolution. That puts it within the vary of most flagships of its age, and it’s definitely bright and sharp enough on its own, manufacturing vivid colors and brightness that few alternative phones will rival. 

In-screen fingerprint device 

Unfortunately, one among the options HMD hoped would situate the phone solidly in 2019, the in-screen fingerprint device is poor. According to the research, the automatic face recognition works quickly, although it appears therefore fast to register a face (less than 10 seconds) that I ponder if a photograph of a registered face would work. 3D face-scanning this is often not.



Yes, this is often the make-or-break reason to shop for a Nokia 9 PureView. If you would like the short verdict: no, the phone’s distinctive five-lens setup doesn’t immensely outperform the cameras on top-tier flagships. However, it will surpass mid-range phones, and given the flexibility to export its photos within the RAW-derived DNG format, permits the professional shooter to tinker with shots in post-production. But for casual creative person, the phone may be a sensible, although not dominant, choice. 

A bit of context: Two of the phone’s 5 rear 12MP f/1.8 cameras in color (the center-center and center-lower one), whereas the 3 within the prime, bottom-right and bottom-left area unit all monochrome lenses positioned with great care to mix photos taken at the same time with each lens. This is often meant to capture bigger ranges of color and depth, that it will, to varied degrees.

Performance and Battery 

While the Nokia 9 packs last year’s snapdragon 845, it’s not perceptibly under-powered, and you’ll zoom round the phone with ease. In fact, the phone appears to maneuver around too quick on the house screen – the UI lacks the delicate inertia that creates it easier to flit around a more modern iPhone, say, wherever motion races and slows down with simulated weight. 

As antecedently mentioned, the phone will weigh down, like once swapping around photograph modes. In fact, you won’t even notice the snapdragon 845’s actual shortcoming: it will solely handle a most of 3 lenses right away. To really harness all 5 lenses to form a combined photograph, the phone uses a light-weight illumination unit condenser, that is intended for custom-made multi-camera setups, to wrangle imagination from all 5 of its rear lenses right away, permitting it to method 240MP of photograph before feeding it into the flower processor. The phone solely comes in one configuration, with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, that fills up fast if you choose to avoid wasting RAW DNG files of each photograph. Sadly, it’s not expandable: there’s solely a SIM receptacle (dual SIM for a few markets) with no Micro SD slot.

Fortunately, the phone is an element of the Android One program, therefore it’ll get android updates a lot of fleetly than different phones. Whereas the Nokia 9 launched with android 9 Pie, older Nokia phones have conjointly gotten the upgrade by currently, that bodes well for consequent massive (and still upcoming) upgrade, Android Q.

The Nokia 9 encompasses a 3,320mAh battery, that we tend to found adequate for a day’s charge. It solely supports up to 18W fast-charging (Quick Charge 3.0), a suitable if not spectacular thanks to quickly liven up the device.

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