The new all-new Epyc Processor :

AMD revealed its new upcoming 7nm EPYC processor at an event named ‘Next Horizon’ yesterday which is codenamed ‘Rome’ yesterday. AMD said that the new server processors will have 64 processors and will feature new Zen 2 microarchitecture, which will provide at least two times higher performance than what we have now. The all-new ‘chiplet’ design will hold multiple CPU chiplets built using 7 nm fabrication method. It also appears that the new high-performance Rome Processors will use at least eight CPU chiplets which will offer 64 x86 cores, a 14 nm node and the new eight-channeled DDR4 memory controller with support up to 4 TB of DRAM. These new chips will aim for higher IPC and improvement in the overall CPU performance. Some of the perks that AMD is sharing for their new Rome processors are 2 times the performance per socket and 4 times the floating point per socket.

The new Epyc Processor

Intel’s counter to AMD :

AMD also believes that the Zen 2 processors will keep equivalently or even better than Intel, the biggest PC microprocessor’s manufacturer.  The Zen architecture has earned AMD the most competitive chips in the last 10 years, which includes Ryzen for the desktop, Threadripper for the gamers, Ryzen Mobile for laptops, and Epyc for servers, you can wait to see if AMD releases the remake of current families with Zen 2 cores. Intel also announced a new line of Xeon processors, Cascade Lake Advanced Processors at  Supercomputing show 18. The Cascade Lake Advanced Processors come with up to 48 cores and the support for 12 channel DDR4 RAM, the Intel’s current highest processor is the Xeon Platinum 8180 which advertises only 28 cores and six memory channels, while the Epyc advertises 64 zen 2 cores and eight memory channels.


AMD’s target with the new Server Processors :

AMD also revealed that the new chipsets are targeted for future workloads, which includes machine knowledge, huge data analytics, cloud, and many other additional tasks. AMD is trying to go after the $29 billion total market possible for the data center chips. AMD was also high in the stock market by 7% after Amazon said that they would use AMD’s new processors for its AWS cloud servers. During AMD’s ‘Next Horizon’ event, AMD said it was partnering with (AWS) Amazon Web Services to provide them new Epyc processors which are memory-optimized and 10% less expensive than current M5, T3, and R5 instances. This agreement might give customers cheaper prices for AWS services.


Though AMD has not given us a timeline for their new Eypc Processors, we expect them to release anytime soon in 2019.

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