What Happened?
Previously, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x, a 64 core processor was unable to utilize its full strength on Windows 10 pro. The 128 threads were surprisingly having issues, many authentic sites reported that it was very slow. Furthermore, Ryzen Threadripper 3990x benchmarks were not convincing at all.

Today, AMD has come forward to satisfy its potential customers saying that performance on that specific Windows OS was buggy, and it recommends that there is no performance difference in the version of Windows 10.

“Higher editions/versions of Windows 10 confer no additional performance or compatibility benefits to the processor. We understand that this suggestion has been made in the media, but we believe this to be an error in testing that our team is presently diagnosing.”

AMD Threadripper 3990

Additionally, there were 2-3 sites who reviewed the processor, and all had the same remarks that it was pretty slow. Despite these accusations, AMD is still confident that there were bugs, and the processor is definitely able to utilise its 128 threads.

Post AMD Statement:
After AMD statements, Tom’s Hardware retested the Threadripper 3990x on Windows 10 pro Enterprise, and they found no performance upgrade. There were slight to no variations while testing, again confirming that AMD statement makes no sense as of this moment.

The Test was based on AMD’s recommendation:
Tom’s Hardware also wanted to test according to AMD recommendation. They tested Threadripper 3990x on Windows 10 18362.592 version, which is the exact version AMD recommends. Furthermore, many benchmarks were performed on earlier versions of Windows 10 Pro, that AMD recommended.

AMD Threadripper 3990

What’s next for AMD?

AMD has yet to identify the issue since its latest announcement of “wrong reviews” is not convincing. Many websites, who are not on headlines, have also tried to test Threadripper 3990X on many editions of Windows 10, but the results are the same. They show little to no variation on all sorts of Windows 10 editions. This is now very alarming for AMD because this sort of performance won’t get their processor any attention. I’m pretty sure, there is something wrong with drivers of any sort because we all know that Threadripper 3990x was able to run Crysis in software, without any graphics card.

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