While Nvidia was always known for good temperatures and excellent drivers, AMD however, always had issues to keep up its reputation when it came to temperatures. The company’s major CPU and GPUs were massively known for overheating problems. This can go back to FX 6300 and R9 cards, which were difficult to overclock and use, because of overheating problems.

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ASUS received a lot of complaints about the RX 5700 series cards getting overheated. They went on to investigate the issue and found something very weird. The staff members at ASUS pressurized heat sink on the card and GPU temperatures decreased significantly. ASUS was told by AMD manufactures that they should mount cooler using a force of 30-40 PSI. Upon discovering this, ASUS surprisingly discovered that more screws would result in high PSI, which would maintain cool temperatures significantly.


My RX 5700 series card has same issue, what next?
Now you might be wondering what about all those customers who purchased this? Well, you don’t have to worry. ASUS says, that owners can contact their local ASUS customer service or online customer support, and get upgraded next month. Additionally, ASUS also says that shipping these new screws to all local centres around the world may take time, because of coronavirus. Lastly, the company has also told everyone that they should not try repairing graphics cards themselves.

The overheating problem is also specific for some variants. ASUS has provided a list for all specific models, that will need an upgrade. You can check it against your card serial number.


The card received very bad reviews regarding overheating problems. However, I am sure this issue will be sorted and this card can provide top-notch performance.

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