The latest GPU architecture from AMD is Vega, it had a lot of hype and excitement, which was lead by Raja Koduri, is a former Radeon division leader. Now Raja Koduri is at Intel where, among other stuff, he is working on a distinct gaming GPU. When Vega was released, it was pretty much equal to NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture, that was available in the market for a year at that time. Now, there is a rumor that AMD’s next GPU architecture named Navi, will not push AMD ahead of NVIDIA in graphics either.

The new GPU architecture by AMD that is Navi, is not a secret anymore. Yet, most of the details related to the next generation GPU architecture are pretty rare at the moment. While Vega will be refreshed at some point, the upcoming 7nm Navi GPU architecture will be a successor to the Radeon RX 500 series and will offer GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX Vega 64 level performance.

AMD said earlier this year that they will be announcing a 7nm version Vega. Fuad Abazovic claimed that Navi being a 7nm part will power high-end GPUs and will rather be used in mainstream products. According to a report, Navi GPU will be a low-power and high-performance in a small chip that will be sold at a budget-friendly price of $250.


This image shows the GPU architecture roadmap of AMD GPUs.


Fuad Abazovic wrote, “We have been sitting on this piece of information for a while, but maybe it’s the right time to share it with you. Navi 7nm chip will not be a high-end GPU, it will be a quite powerful performance/mainstream chip”.

It seems that Navi might not make a big arrival when it will hit the markets in 2019 as many people were hoping for. AMD’s Vega already tops out the performance level as it is approximately at the performance level of GTX 1080, which leaves GTX 1080 Ti at the top(except for the Titan GPUs).

It seems that AMD won’t have anything to compete with NVIDIA’s top high-end GPUs for at least 2019. By the time, NVIDIA might have announced a new GPU architecture which will further their lead. This is definitely not the strategy that anyone is hoping from AMD.

Let’s just hope that AMD does release a high-end version Navi. Currently, wait and see is all we can do.