AMD who has been assigned to make hardware for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have to fasten up their work if they want to release both Consoles this holiday season.

Upcoming Consoles will use AMD’s latest Zen, which is 2 powered CPU. Along with that, both will also feature the upcoming Navi GPU’s. The team red had a successful year, where they were able to generate $1.79 billion of revenue.

These dominant stats mostly come from the CPU market, where Ryzen is dominating Intel. The $1.79 Billion revenue had 80.4% earnings from Ryzen and Radeon products. The other 20% mostly consists of AMD custom products, that are used in servers and other products.

People have many doubts about whether both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be released this holiday season. The answer is sorta yes, in an Interview with Tomshardware AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su said that

“We expect semi-custom revenue to increase in the second quarter and be heavily weighted towards the second-half of the year, as we ramp production to support the holiday launches of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.”

So far both console companies have confirmed that their upcoming products won’t be delayed by the Coronavirus. Sony said that its factories are back to work in China, and some of them in Malaysia are struggling. Their conclusion was that the PlayStation 5 release date is unaffected by COVID-19. Similarly, Microsoft also confirmed that their consoles will release on time.

AMD is highly focused on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X CPU Production

The Xbox Series X features much better specs than its rival PlayStation 5. However, many developers claim that PS5 SSD is game-changing for developers and buyers. Crytek and Former Halo developer shared their thoughts saying that PS5 SSD will make a huge difference.

Well the tables turned yesterday, when we heard from a former PlayStation developer, that Xbox Series X is a total beast comparing PS5.

“PS5 is not a bad console, it’s an absolute beast of a piece of hardware, but it’s just a piece of hardware which is slower on numerous kind of paths than what Microsoft has put together”.

We look forward to both Consoles being released this year. Sony & Microsoft reported that their consoles won’t be delayed despite the Coronavirus. Sony said that their factories in China are back, and they are working full-fledged.