Various rumors had been spurring on regarding the arrival of next and better installment of AMD Polaris 20 GPU and finally, a tangible information is obtained from “PCOnline”. Pointing towards a confirmation from a top-tier AIB that latest AMD Polaris 30 GPU cards are expected to hit the market somewhere around mid-October which is not so far away from now.

We can expect two successors of current AMD Polaris GPUs namely; Radeon RX 580 and Radeon RX 570 graphics card expected to have 2304 and 2348 cores!  The rumors tell us that the first graphics card to arm the new Polaris 30 GPU core would be the successor of Radeon RX 570, the proper naming plan for which has not yet been confirmed but it is certain that its configuration will be based on 2048 cores which is similar to current Radeon RX 570 but it is expected to feature higher clock speeds since the use of 12nm process node is expected. Definitely, it will give a higher degree of performance but it won’t be a substantial leap from its predecessor. It is somewhat like an upgrade of RX 470 to RX 570. When we take a look at the memory of these new cards, they will retain the 8 GB GDDR5 memory along with the 256-bit bus interface which is sufficient for your mainstream gaming. This new card’s retail price is expected to fall under $200 area in the market for mainstream graphics cards.

Furthermore, AMD is launching the successor of RX 580 in addition to RX 570 successor. It’ll have a core configuration of 2304 SP Polaris 30 GPU. It will be getting a similar upgrade expected from RX 570. It is expected to be launched in November with price range corresponding to the 8 GB RX 580 models.

It is evident from the source that the graphics card architecture will retain its current build with a boost provided by the optimized process node which is going to be the cornerstone for these new graphics cards. This is a sweet opportunity for AMD to capture the mainstream market under the $200-$300 price range while NVIDIA is yet to release a mainstream card under these price ranges in the market.