An AMD Radeon RX 590 has been spotted at 3DMark. This news adds fuel to the rumors of an anticipated RX 500 series refresh release later this month. 3DMark user “ED1981” submitted an entry showing its comparison to AMD’s RX 580 and quite convincingly outperforming it after a score of 5028 in the Time Spy benchmark.

RX 590 Benchmarks


The new mid-range GPU King?

With the benchmark results, we also get to take a look at the GPU’s specifications where it will be having a core clock speed of 1,545 MHz and a 2,000 MHz memory bus clock. However, the RX 590 will still be using 8GB of GDDR5 memory. This shows that we will be seeing an increase of 205MHz from the RX 580 in clock speeds, with these numbers we can expect a 10%-15% increase in performance. It is expected that the RX 590 will feature a newer Polaris 30 architecture that uses a 12nm FinFET manufacturing process as compared to the 14nm process that was used in its latest Polaris 20 architecture. Going to a 12nm manufacturing procedure we can expect to see higher clock speeds at a lower power consumption cost. The RX 580 already rivals Nvidia’s GTX 1060; a more powerful RX 590 could easily be the new king of the mid-range GPU market with Nvidia still needing to announce a predecessor for 1060 in its RTX line of graphics cards.

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