There is glowing noise regarding AMD renewing its Radeon RX Polaris graphics card range. Sources such as Germany’s, China’s PCOnline and Chiphell, imply that AMD will very quickly launch the Radeon RX 670. Later, in November, it will follow up with the launch of the RX 680. The above-linked report from PCOnline quotes its sources as holding an AMD add-in-board partner.

Graphics chips on the new GPU’s might be coming from the so-called Polaris 30 family. Looking beyond the history of Polaris production: Polaris 10 cards (such as the Radeon RX 480) adopted the GlobalFoundries 14LPP process, then Polaris 20 (like the RX 580) jumped to 14LPP+. Beside this new Polaris 30, AMD will be utilizing 12LP as used by Pinnacle Ridge processors.

The renewed Polaris 30 graphics cards, the Radeon RX 670 and RX 680, will have the identical amount of shader units, memory type and memory interfaces to their predecessors, reports Golem. Nevertheless, thanks to the new 12LP process we might see higher GPU clock frequencies and/or lower power consumption. Hence “changes to the middle-end and back-end-of-line, such as the metal layers, might make the Polaris 30 more small than the Polaris 20, which would make AMD GPUs less expensive to produce”, says the source.

Returning to possible launch/release timings, PCOnline implies that the Radeon RX 670 may begin as early as Friday. Dates cited are from 12th to 15th October. Those waiting for the fastest Polaris graphics card, the RX 680, will have to wait unto sometime in November though, says the same report.

Don’t consider the above information to be completely accurate, as there isn’t any official news on the RX 670 or 680 from AMD. Although we won’t have to wait long to see if the RX 670 is a reality or not.

Stay Tuned!