AMD has created a processor product and brand in AMD Ryzen™ that expresses the power and efficiency of the all-new high-performance and highly efficient. At an event for fans held in Austin.Texas AMD unveiled its new Ryzen processors. The new processors are based on "Zen"core architecture. According to AMD "2017. This will be the game-changing point for AMD with its new AMD Ryzen CPU.After several failed attempts to Top the cpu market.

The new proceesors price point varies from $500 to $800 but its not officialy said yet. AMD Officials also said that AMD Ryzen will surely beat next year's processors,Under such circumstances, AMD has surely prepared itself as it would once again challenge Intel's dominance in the market. However, there is still no assurance on how the consumer will totally respond.

At the moment AMD has only revealed that the key features are that all AMD ryzen cpus are 8core similar to i7-6900k.They also stated that their will be better cache system,better core engine and much aggressive clock gating with better overclocking capability.According to AMD All processors will be APU'S.Ryzen Will require a new motherboard with the new AM4 socket which includes DDR4 Memory.The new Zen processors will also feature 'Simultaneous Multi-Threading', which will drastically improve performance for those who use their computers for rendering videos or highly-intensive games which really utilise a processor's threads.

Laptops with Ryzen processors will launch in 2017. The laptop processors codename will be Raven Ridge.

Some versions will also launch in sometime between July and Decemeber 2017. The desktop processors code name will be Naples.they also stated that their will be Ryzens processor's for servers aswell.

AMD claimed that an 8core-16thread chip is 10% percent faster than intel Core i7 6900k in various bhenchmarks such as Blender and Handbrake. The new Ryzen processors will be 14nm with better cooling and temperatures aswell. This means the new architecture will be more efficient than its predecessors. According to many rumours Ryzen is supposed to consume 95watts. In comparison to the Fx 8000series that had a 125-220w TDP. Ryzen is set to be AMD most power efficient CPU yet.

One of AMD officials stated the price pount.

Ryzen Quad Core: £200 inc VAT

Ryzen Six Core: £300 inc VAT

Ryzen Eight Core: £400-600 inc VAT

APU Ryzen Quad Core: £250 inc VAT

The table below shows the comparison of AMD Ryzen Vs i7 6900k.Which clearly shows Ryzen is more power efficient..

Ryzen Graph