AMD Ryzen marketing slides have been leaked

AMD's Ryzen marketing designs are leaked online through Videocardz. Explaining How Amd is planning to showcase themselves as performance leaders for 8-core CPUs. These CPUs offer great value for money than that of Intel's current offerings.

Slide we have recieved shows that AMD's Ryzen 1800x performs 9%  better than intel's i7 6900K, with same performance per core. Pricing for AMD;s Ryzen 1800x is still mystery. We are still waiting for AMD's announcement regarding its pricing, thought rumors are stating that it will have 50% of the cost of intel's i7 6900k, which is around $1000.









For AMD's Ryzen 1700x it is shown that AMD claims massive performance, which is over intel's i7 6800K. AMD's Ryzen 1700x is expected to come at a similar price. This CPU comes with reduced performance per core, while it offeres huge increase in multi-threaded performance as it is offering two more cores and four more threads than its competition.


We can conclude that AMD is planning for an affordable alternative to intel's current offerings. AMD's Marketing is right on the point.

We are still waiting for AMD's move on press releases regarding Ryzen CPU architecture soon, as it would be great to see what is finalized information regarding Ryzen from AMD.