Only 9 days remain before Zen+ is officially launched in the market, but AMD is not stopping here. Until now, we knew about Zen 2 and Zen 3, both having 7nm architectures. Zen 5, which is a codename will be the 5th installment in the x86 microarchitecture because we never heard about Zen 4 and Zen+ took the spot of 2nd-generation Zen.

AMD seems to be skipping Zen 4 as the number 4 has some negative significance in the Chinese language. Something that AMD certainly does not want to be associated with the Zen architecture.

AMD’s chief architect Mike Clark confirmed earlier today in an interview that AMD is working on Zen 5 CPU. The video was released earlier today to commemorate the upcoming Ryzen 2000 series CPU from AMD. The launch is due on the 19th of April. The video that was released involved a panel discussion that featured some AMD’s top people from the company’s CPU marketing and engineering division.





AMD previously confirmed, back in May of last year, that they are currently working on their Zen 2 and Zen 3 cores. Zen 2 will be debuting next year having a 7nm lithography and being the architectural successor to the original Zen CPU core designed by AMD.




With the Ryzen 2000 series from AMD debuting in about 9 days, however, will be based on Zen+ CPU core, which is an enhanced design of the same microarchitecture as AMD’s Ryzen 1000 series CPU that AMD introduced last year. As Zen+ delivers higher clock speeds and improved power efficiency, Zen 2 is expected to be a complete generational step-up of the current Zen architecture.

Zen 3 will be debuting in 2020. We should not expect Zen 5 to hit the markets any sooner than 2021.