CEO of AMD Lisa Su announced a new graphics card called Radeon VII or Radeon 7 during her keynote at CES 2019. As you know from the title, Radeon VII is the first 7nm graphics card that is ever created.

Lisa Su ran Devil May Cry 5 on the new Radeon VII at 4K. Now, we didn’t see any benchmarks or the FPS, but Lisa Su stated that the game was running well over 60FPS. However, we don’t doubt that at all because the Radeon 7 features a massive 16GB of HBM2 memory and 1TBps of bandwidth. It uses the Vega GCN 5 architecture same as the RX Vega 64. Moreover, Radeon 7 features 60 CUs which is lower than the previous lineup of the card that featured 64 CUs, but it doesn’t make the card inferior in any field because it triumphs in other specifications.

Later on, Lisa Su compared Nvidia’s RTX 2080 and AMD’s Radeon VII in benchmarks which were run on 4K at Max settings and surprisingly Radeon VII turned out to be somewhat better than the RTX 2080.

Specifications of the Radeon VII.
Stream Processors3840
(60 CUs)
Base Clock?
Boost Clock1800MHz
Memory Clock2.0Gbps HBM2
Memory Bus Width4096-bit
Single Precision Perf.13.8 TFLOPS
Board Power300W?
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 7nm
GPUVega 20
(GCN 5)
Transistor Count13.2B
Launch Date02/07/2019
Launch Price$700

AMD’s Radeon VII is going to launch on February 7th, and it’s starting price will be at $700. Lisa Su is pretty confident stating that “It’s a high-end card for those operating on the bleeding edge”. If you are on a lookout for a powerful graphics card with 16gigs of VRAM, then you should keep Radeon VII in your mind.

Source: AnandTech

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