Similar to Apple’s new gesture and UI on the iPhone X, Google is also testing a new navigation bar for Android P reportedly. This piece of information got out when Google accidentally revealed the new nav-bar in an Android developers blog post, which got removed obviously. The new nav-bar no longer includes a multitasking button and the center home buttons look a lot smaller and pill shaped.


Some other reports from 9to5Google reports also stated that Google is testing a new nav-bar that’s very similar to the iPhone X, with a swipe gesture that reveals the multitasking UI. However, it’s still not clear if the pill styled button, that looks similar to the one found on a leaked Moto X5 image, still functions as a button, or is simply an identifier to swipe up for home just like the iPhone X. Although Google is still going to include its back button control too, 9to5Google reports suggest that this only appears in the context when a back button is required.

However, it looks like Google is in the phase of testing this navigation bar right now, and the company has previously tested other navigation bars changes in past Android versions without ever shipping them. Still, Google is full supporting screen notches like the iPhone X or Essential Phone with its Android P update, and a new gesture powered navigation bar would certainly make it easier for Android devs to make a better use of bezel-less displays. We are expecting to hear a lot more about Android P at Google’s I/O Developer Conference next month.