According to an unofficial teaser that was posted online, it was initially estimated that Android Pie will be releasing on August 20. But, Android Pie started to roll out yesterday and it is available for all the Pixel devices and also the Essential Phone. They have added some new features, made some cosmetic changes, and several other under-the-hood changes that are yet to be discovered. XDA developers found some exciting discoveries as they dug into the source code. If a user accidentally exit, Android Pie will prioritize keeping resource-heavy apps such as games in RAM just in case.

When the user exits an app or game by pressing the home button or leaving the app without properly exiting it by pressing the back button or by using the in-game quit button then the RAM prioritization triggers. The device can save power by limiting network access and CPU for those apps except RAM unless it’s necessary. Android Pie will ask you to choose which app or game you want to keep running if you try to launch another app.

For the resource-heavy games running on the devices with low RAM, this feature will be really useful. People do hit the exit button accidentally. Those devices that are starved for RAM will immediately try to clear up the app or game from the RAM. For games like Fortnite and PUBG in which even a few seconds of inactivity can spell the difference between a win and a loss where this feature will be incredibly useful. Yet, it’s unlikely that any app or game will take advantage of this feature as this feature is added in the Android 9 Pie which just came out. We can’t be sure how long it will take for the developers to update their games with the Android Pie API.

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