OnePlus has made an important announcement yesterday concerning some its slightly older flagships, the OnePlus 5/5T and OnePlus 6/6T. Apparently, many of the unique features that have been included in the OnePlus 7 Pro won’t remain exclusive to this phone. Also, the OnePlus 5 and 5T will receive the upcoming Android Q update at some point this year.

Along with the OnePlus 6/6T, the slightly older OnePlus 5/5T phones will get some nifty new features like Fnatic Mode, Zen Mode, Screen Recorder, Quick reply in landscape mode, DC dimming, and RAM boost.

Now these are some features oneplus fans are crazy about. Even the Zen Mode is my favorite one that lets you have the smooth calming 20 minutes of your life without any interruption caused by mobile phone or its notifications.

If you’re not familiar with OnePlus’ practices when it comes to major Android OS update, we’ll just have to put you up to speed. Apparently, there are no ETAs concerning Android Q’s release, so we’re hoping at least some of OnePlus’ phones will get it by the end of the year, but ideally all three models.

So if you are switching your phone from previous oneplus flagships to new one just because of software features, please wait sometime, it will be worthwhile.

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