There’s one amateur mistake we, in the PC industry, see many people make when they’re building a custom system. It is selecting the top of the line hardware for the system and going with the cheapest high wattage PSU option available in the market. Even our local market that deals in the used PC components are filled with such PSUs, without any 80+ rating or protections. In my opinion, or rather I should say, in Johhny Guru’s, a well-known and knowledgeable PSU reviewer’s opinion, PSU is the most crucial part of your system. Since this is the main component that will be pumping blood to the whole system, in this case, voltage.

What makes a PSU the most crucial part of the system is that it’s turning your A/C current from the wall into DC current that your whole system will use as its energy source. And if done wrong, this could damage, or in the worst case scenario, blow up your whole system. And that is why we have power supplies with surge and other protections. And selecting the right power supply can also save some bucks on the electricity bill. Because power supply actually takes more watts from the wall than what they provide to the system as some of the electricity is wasted as heat. And this is where the 80+ efficiency ratings come into play. And thanks to Pakdukaan, today we will be taking a look the Antec Neo Eco 550W power supply unit. We also reviewed Antec’s P8 mid-tower chassis recently, now let’s see what this PSU from them has to offer.

The Antec Neo Eco 550M is a 550watt semi-modular ATX power supply and it’s 80+ Bronze rated and also comes with Antec’s Circuit shield protection. The Antec’s Circuit shield protection includes Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), No Load Operation (NLO), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP). So even if there’s an issue with the electricity or wires, the PSU will safely turn off before it can damage the hardware. It also comes with a 120mm DBB fan to keep the heat and noise to a minimum. And it’s also a Continuous Power PSU which is what you want to be in your system. Now there are also PSU available in the market with very high wattage yet rated as peak power which means they can only provide that number at certain times. These PSUs aren’t stable, hence we go with PSUs with Continuous Power. What this means is that our Antec Neo Eco 550M will be able to provide a stable 550watts of continuous power to the system when required.

About the brand itself, Antec has been in the PC parts industry for about 3 decades and they’re known for their top quality power supplies with a very low failure rate in the global market. And Antec is not only limited to PSUs but rather they also make chassis and cooling solutions.

So let’s check out the PSU on the next page after having a look at what Antec has to say about this PSU.

Get economical power today with the NeoECO Modular series, Antec’s high-efficiency power supply solution. Featuring advanced hybrid cable management, 80 PLUS® BRONZE certification, a quiet 120 mm DBB fan, Japanese Heavy-Duty capacitors and Universal Input with Active Power Factor Correction, NeoECO M gives you a cooler, quieter system, all powered by