After an E3 demo playthrough, Digital Foundry believes that Anthem might be able to offer even more on a high-end PC.

The exclusive gameplay demo of the Anthem at E3 2018 was running in 4K resolution and 60FPS with the use of two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti  GPUs. As the demo footage was impressive, it seems that the game’s Frostbite engine may be able to push even more visual galore.

Digital Foundry to get an E3 playthrough of Anthem and noticed some visual settings were not enabled in E3 gameplay footage.



Digital Foundry also said that “some visual effects were not enabled in the demo footage but they seemed to be enabled in the playthrough of the PC demo we played during E3, so it could be that the demo code is tuned to console settings?”

Anthem is already lauded for its visuals and it’s really amazing, but based on the E3 playthrough of the PC version, Frostbite just may be able to offer even more for the high-end PCs.

EA reassured the fans that they will keep optimizing the game until it ships and Anthem is just around 8 months away. If what Digital Foundry has said turns out to be true, the high-end PC gamers are in for a treat here. Stay tuned for more!