AOC just revealed its newest addition to their 144Hz gaming monitor lineup, the AOC G2590PX G2 Esports Signature Edition Gaming Monitor. AOC and G2 Esports partnered up to bring gamers this special edition monitor.


The monitor is basically the same G2590PX with the special G2 Esports branding. The basic specifications of the monitor remain the same boasting a 24.5-inch 1080p TN panel display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The monitor features AMD’s FreeSync support which is something that is nice to have but a little pointless for a monitor aimed at providing high performance in Esports specifically where such features have little to no play at all.

What makes this monitor stand out from the regular G2590PX is the themed design it features. In its partnership with G2, it has their samurai branding to give it a more sleek look and an aesthetic appeal that speaks to gamers.

The Special Edition is now available in selected countries for USD 419 and prices itself at about the same as the regular G2590PX. If anyone is in the market for a 144Hz monitor that also happens to feature their favourite Esports team, then the AOC 2590PX G2 Esports Signature Edition is surely a top choice to consider.

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