The Halloween is just around the corner, and this means more hype for new updates!

Apex Legends will get its first Halloween Update in the coming weeks. There are no official comments from Apex about the event, however there are a lot of leaks covering the new event. Apex previously hinted that the game will receive a collection event, hence it might be a hint to Halloween.

The features leaked by some Data miners revealed that it’ll feature a new game mode. The mode is called Shadow Squad aka Shadow Fall. It’ll be hosted in an abandoned Kings Canyon during the night by a mysterious figure known as “Revenant”. Solo Legends will fight to death but here is the twist. When Living Legends will die, they will re-spawn as a Shadow Squad. Additionally, their goal will be to haunt living players. The Shadow squad will have plenty of options that will help prevent living players from surviving. They can stalk and do a lot of things.

The last 10 living players will team up and try to escape from Shadow Squad. However, Shadow Squad will do everything to stop them. This mode is also called Fight or Fright event. The 10 survivors will hold the area in Haunted Kings Canyon while waiting for a ship to extract them.

Apart from the Shadow fall, the Halloween update will also bring plenty of new costumes and weapons. The old map Kings Canyon will be the main map which will feature the “night mode”. The update is set to release in late October as Halloween arrives, we will also get to see new Characters, Music and plenty of features.

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