Well, time and time again, we have seen players complaining that cross-play isn’t fun because PC Players always dominate the game. According to Console players, PC users are much better at games because of Mouse and Keyboard, which is more accessible.

Recently, we heard that Apex Legends was getting a cross-play, that is set to release in fall 2020. Well, it seems that the cross-play won’t feature PC. In a statement on Tiktok, Respawn Entertainment Engineer Jake Smullin said that Console players can only get into PC Lobbies if they have a PC player in their team. Likewise, if all four players are from the console, they are only going to get matched up in Console Lobbies. This means players on Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and Switch can play together.

In the same meta, don’t forget the infamous Call of Duty Warzone scene. Console Players on Warzone were reportedly leaving the platform, because of PC Players. Apparently, a huge protest on forums had started that said PC players were hacking.

If you dont know, Apex Legends was also announced for Steam and Switch earlier this year. The game is set to join these two platforms later this year.

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