The developers over at Apex Legends have been rolling regular updates to improve the BR further. Yesterday we talked about the update that was released to fix random crashes. However, today Apex Legends tweeted a short clip of a new weapon in the game.

The snippet of the gun can be seen below.

Now, 25 minutes ago they released a 1-minute video clip of the weapon in action. The gun is going to use energy ammo by the looks of it, and it’s definitely an assault rifle. In the first clip, I heard charging so maybe it can fire charged up shots which makes sense since its an energy weapon.

The second clip clarified more details about the weapon that it is indeed an assault rifle which uses energy ammo. Also, it has two attachments Selectfire Receiver and TurboCharger. Selectfire Receiver enables you to shoot a charged beam shot which basically is a 1-shot 1-kill. Moreover, TurboCharger lets you shoot rapid shots with the lowest delay possible.

Its good to see that Apex Legends are taking care of the game as well as the fans; hopefully, they will continue rolling updates to make the game more immersive.

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