This year in January, we reported that Apex Legends for Mobile is in Development. The Article was originated from EA, who were looking for a partner to develop Apex Legends for Mobile. The statement came from an EA’s Chief Financial officer Blake Jorgensen, who during a Q&A Session said that will roll it out in China.

Rolling mobile out in China, you need to have a partner, and we’re—as we’ve said in the prepared remarks today—we’re working with a partner there, and we’re very excited about the opportunity,” EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said during the Q&A session. “That partner is also helping us develop a mobile Apex for the globe—more to come on that in terms of timing.”

Well, it seems that the Launch is getting close. EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson during an investor meeting said that the company is now prioritizing a soft launch of Apex Legends on Mobile. We already know the game is set to release on the Switch later this year. Not only that, Apex Legends has expanded within its PC Network, as the game is slated for PC release later this year.

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