Apex Legends’ previous update on November 5 changed some specs of Peacekeeper. The gun rechamber time was taken to 1.1 seconds, and the Headshot multiplayer was 1.5 seconds. Apex Fans were kind of happy with changes however people at Respawn though it needs a little more change.

A short update has been released, which will further change the rechamber time to 1.2 seconds and Headshot multiplayer to 1.25. This means that the gun has been slightly nerfed. Professional player Rogue says that it was the pallet size that people complained about, and it had nothing to do with rechambering speed and modifier on headshots. This was the criticism by him and many other people on Apex official Tweet. Peacekeeper previous buff lives on, and many players say that if you have Peacekeeper you can win else loose.

The current state of Apex legends is not good. Players are complaining that the game is not balanced and changes are needed. A recent survey on the Reddit survey showed that 77% of players think that Pathfinder’s abilities make him overpowered. Apart from this, players are also complaining that Charge Rifle is overpowered, Devs not doing enough, match-making is terrible, anti-cheat needs fixing. Further, the survey showed that 91% of voters think that Mirage needs a buff.

Apex Legends might get another update in the coming days, and we might see some fixes. The Game subreddit is exploding with complaints and no one is happy. Recently, EA reported that Apex Legends has been played by over 70 million players, and it is a huge success. Let’s see what solution will Respawn find for this matter.

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