Apex Legends, which is currently the most popular Title for Electronic Arts is set to join Nintendo Switch and Steam this year. The popular Battle Royale game will be released across both platforms later this year.

Moreover, with the release on Steam, Apex Legends will support cross-platform between Xbox One, PS4, Origin, Steam, and Switch. In the same vein, EA during EA Play announced a new event, that is being described as a Lost Treasures. The Event will run from June 23 until July 7.

The Lost Treasure Event which has just been announced will feature

  • Limited Time Mode – Armed and Dangerous Evolved
  • All-new Town Takeover – Crypto’s Map Room
  • Exclusive Event Prize Track with two Legendary Weapon skins
  • 24 Event Limited premium cosmetic available directly or through Lost Treasure Event Packs
  • Introducing ‘Special Offers’ page featuring
    • All new Rare skins and charms
  • Mirage Heirloom Set Preview
    • Unlock all 24 Lost Treasures cosmetics during the event and unlock the Mirage Heirloom set for free

Apex Legends on Steam is such great news. I’ve already added it to my wishlist on Steam, and hopefully, it’ll release as soon as possible. We know that the game is on Origins, and it is doing quite well. However, being a Steam user there is just something else about Steam, that makes me play games on Steam only. If you are looking to move from Origins to Steam, your stats will also move as the game might still launch through Origins. Hopefully, the game is free on Steam.

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