An update for Apex Legends just went live which fixed some random crashes various players were facing. The update is pretty small because it is designed to fix the crashing issue specifically. The crashing issue has been resolved on all platforms and fixes are listed below.

Patch Notes:

  1. Fixes for PS4 crash issues.
  2. Addresses issues we saw with GPU hangs.
  3. Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process.
  4. Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive.
  5. Fixed issue with Mirage Ability causing crashes.
  6. Fixed issue with Gibraltar Epic skins on Xbox One causing crashes

Other than that, Apex Legends is super fun to play, and the mindblowing thing about it is that its free to play. Nonetheless, If you are a fan BRs and open to trying games other than Fortnite and PUBG, then you should give Apex Legends a go.

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