With advancement of technology in smartphone industry, Apple also geared up to make something more trending for year 2019 to stay in competition with other smartphone brands. This time, we got some leaks on the camera specs of Apple iPhone 11 and we are discussing it right away.

The new leaks reveal that new iPhones will come with a triple camera set up. It will include one regular, one telephoto and an ultra wide-angle lens on the back. Moreover, the new iPhones will get a new glass coating. The stereo speakers will also be improved.

The iPhone 11 Max looks the same like iPhone X. All new phones are coming with notches. Furthermore, 2019 iPhone models may also come with underwater Mode.

No doubt, we have seen tremendous innovations in many new Android phones. We expect some new innovations in the upcoming iPhones as well.

Since these are rumours yet, we can not say anything with 100% surety so stay tuned to pgrepublic.com and get the latest information and news.

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