Apple has been focusing on audio products lately, as we have seen the release of ‘Airpods’ and the release of the ‘Homepod’ which was basically Apple’s take on the Google’s Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. Not only that, Apple also owns Beats by Dre as well which clearly shows that the company wants to cover the audio department of the market too.

Image: CNET

Apple got into the smart speaker market with its Siri-powered Homepod with a price tag of $349. While the speaker is made out of premium hardware and quality materials, still the price isn’t that competitive with market’s other smart speakers.

However, a new report by Loveios suggests that the tech giant might be planning to launch a Beats sub-branded HomePod at a price tag of $199.

Apple Is Planning To Launch A $199 Beats-branded HomePod.

The provided information was given by Sina which included a very important piece of information “The upcoming $199 HomePod will have beats branding.” Beats was acquired by Apple several years ago and this could potentially be looking forward to putting it on its cheaper version of the HomePod. The Beats branding is still strong and could work best for the company.HomePod

In terms of the functionality, reports are unclear if it would pack an exclusive feature. The sound quality could be less than that of the HomePod or it might not feature Siri, making it just a standard speaker. Although all of the reports are mere assumptions and the final words rely on Apple’s announcement.

Time of availability has not been confirmed. We can hope that the launch of the Beats-branded home pod will be somewhere in the near future in Apple’s major events that happen yearly as we’ve seen.

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