Apple recently introduced its wheels that will be supported by Mac Pro. What it does is that users will install four tires to a Mac Pro. This allows them to carry it from one room to another, and increase height. This could also help in avoiding scratches, but is this worth it for $700?

“Put your Mac Pro on wheels with the Mac Pro Wheels Kit. The custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels make it easy to move your Mac Pro around, whether sliding it out from under your desk or across your studio.

Installation required. A 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit is included, but additional tools are necessary. Replacing the Mac Pro feet with wheels adds approximately one inch to the height of the frame.”

Mac Pro

Discount on pre-configured Mac

Furthermore, if you buy these with your Mac Pro configuration, they will cost you $400, providing a $300 discount. Another set of feet is also available that features a $300 price. These ones will allow you to replace the wheels that came with your Mac Pro.

“Use the Mac Pro Feet Kit to install stainless steel feet to the bottom of your Mac Pro. The standard Mac Pro comes with four feet already installed, but if you purchased a Mac Pro with wheels, you can replace each of them with feet for improved stability.”

Mac Pro

I think these are way too expensive for just wheels or feets. You could make these in garage and it would cost you $20 at max. Similarly, if you look from a gamer’s perspective. The $700 can get you a Gaming PC that could run most of the games on 1080p and 60 FPS.

Similarly, the $700 can also get you the EVGA 1080 Ti, featuring the top of the line model. If you look at more options, EVGA RTX 2080 Super is also being sold for $699.

Twitter is not happy with Apple, and their insane prices. Let’s take a look at few tweets.

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