The Apple and Epic Games War continues, as this time Apple speaks up and tries to shut Epic Games Down. In a new legal filing, Apple says that Tim Sweeney emailed them, asking for a special deal. The email was sent to Apple by Tim Sweeney on June 30, and in that email, Tim argued about certain policies of Apple.

According to the popular source, “Epic was asking for a deal that would “fundamentally change the way in which Epic offers apps on Apple’s iOS platform,” and to allow the company to “bypass in-app purchases and allow Fortnite players to pay it directly.” It was also asking for a “third-party app store for iPhones,” which would allow customers to pay Epic directly”

Tim Sweeney quickly approached the tweet and news, saying that this is misleading. According to him, his email wanted the changes to be available for all iOS Developers and not just Epic Games. Tim Sweeney also added the email in his tweets.

Apple says that if Epic Games Wants to Continue Fortnite on their store. They must remove the payment option, that bypasses Apple’s percentage. Right now, The case is on-going, and so far no conclusion has come forward.

This ultimately means that no new updates for Fortnite on both iOS and Google Play Store would come. Players can download the game, but since the Season 4 is sheduled for August 27, the game will kind of stop working.

If you didn’t know, Google also removed Fortnite from Play Store because it violated its store policies. Epic is also at war with Google, however, they still have their developer accounts. Apple deactivated all of Epic’s developer accounts and tools, which can really harm them in the long term.

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