Product Red iPhone

Apple has been promoting various organizations and developments of tech from a long time, when the iPhone 7 series got released, we were enlightened with the Product Red iPhone 7 special models specifically designed to help engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in eight African countries which was named as Product Red, stylized as (PRODUCT).RED

People loved the sharp red color and a lot of people bought the iPhone 7 Product Red Edition specifically because the color was unique and eye-catching, every purchase actually helped in raising the funds to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa.

A New Product Red iPhone Is Incoming

Allegedly Apple is going to introduce a new color to the latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus lineup today. The new color is the same Product Red and is part of the company’s partnership with RED again this time.

According to MacRumors reports they have sighted a memo from Virgin Mobile, which specifies that Apple will announce the phone option on Monday, April 9th. The sighted memo from Virgin Mobile allegedly notes that the phone will be available for preorder, but it doesn’t specify if it will include an iPhone X Product Red edition as well. Apple has released a number of special (RED) edition iPods, iPads, and cases over the years, and the influence of the Red color has been great in the iPhone 7 series.

Hopefully the preorders will be available later today. Are you going to buy one?